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  • nik 251283

    thank you i really need gems in dragon city and you just save my life !

  • disqus_G6oTZ39WVG

    amazing ! i wonder how you guys are making this hacks, for now i’ll enjoy my dragon city gems. thank you so much

  • lee

    oh man this is exactly what i have been looking for a days thank god i found this

  • hanry

    the online hack worked like a charm to me thank you so much !

  • nina karena

    Nice hack been playing dragon city for a years now this gem hack is the most important. kudos to the developer who made this possible

  • Robson Santos

    great just got my free gems thanks again

  • Mauricio Henao

    quick tip its better to use the online hack :)

    • Darryl Cochran

      yep thats what im using for a long time and it worked like it used too even when there is a new update in dragon city

  • Souvik Samadder

    i like it

  • unequaledpedigr

    Enjoying my free gems right now

    • Muhammad Ǻfrïzâ

      received my gems for the first time too! so happy

  • Glenn

    im not sure why i am limited to 100,000 gems i guess its a bug you need to fix, but thanks !!

  • Strong Bolt

    i love this hack very much everyone should try this i will surely recommended this u can trust this one for sure

    • Osama S. Baj

      Will done

  • Connor Webb

    thanks to this hack i can enjoy more my dragon city game

  • Cyclone Master

    suppppeeeerrrrr haaaaaccccckkkkk

  • Ayura lawliett

    nice thanks!!

  • Ayura lawliett

    This hack is amazing!! love it n__n

  • Christoper Abarca Jr.

    excited to use my gems thanks for the cheats

  • Neleh Blanco Dela Concepcion


  • BMC Studios


  • Jack Lio

    it is very useful!

  • Marc Eugene Dacua

    good job

  • Ryan Yates

    I love it . If it will work

  • Pankhuri Singh

    sweet hack

  • Mohammed Fazil

    Superb man… great

  • KapanPulangJik?

    must be the best dragon city hack i ever used !

  • Abdul Moiz


  • Azwar Baharrudin Karsono

    good it

  • Azwar Baharrudin Karsono

    good cheat

  • Alice

    merci it does work for me :)

  • Rainoor Tampubolon

    please publish more

  • Rainoor Tampubolon

    me too. thanks

  • Kudžis Kudors

    i like it

  • OlaWinchester98

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do

  • Trushant Rockes

    good hacking tool for dragon city

  • Somya Sharma


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